Karen Davila says honesty basic requirement in government: We deserve better!

ABS-CBN’s Bandila news anchor and Headstart host Karen Davila / photo courtesy of ABS CBN

Broadcaster journalist Karen Davila expressed her opinion that honesty is a basic requirement for government officials.

“Let us hold our elected officials to the HIGHEST STANDARD. Honesty is a basic requirement in government,” she tweeted.

Davila, ABS-CBN’s Bandila news anchor and Headstart host, said voters should shun candidates who lie intentionally, insisting that the nation deserve better.

“We should stop voting for candidates who lie intentionally and repeatedly. The Filipino people deserve better. #Halalan2019,” she added.

Davao City mayor and Hugpong ng Pagbabago chair Sara Duterte on Wednesday blasted the opposition slate, that according to her are spreading lies about the administration of her father President Rodrigo Duterte.

The fierce mayor ranted that “everybody lies” and thus, honesty shouldn’t be an issue during elections.

“Sinasabi ko sa kanilang lahat, walang isang kandidato dyan na hindi nagsisinungaling kaya hindi dapat issue ang honesty ngayon (What I tell everyone is that there’s no candidate out there who doesn’t lie, that’s why honesty shouldn’t be an issue right now).

“Lahat sila sinungaling. Lahat ng tao sa mundong ito sinungaling (All of them are liars. Every person on this earth is a liar),” Duterte said

Her remarks stemmed from the alleged dishonesty of HNP bet Imee Marcos regarding her educational attainment.

Source: Politiko

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