De Lima expects Duterte to go on ballistic after watching Kangkungan: 'expect more people to die!'

Senator Leila De Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte / composite photo from Inquirer

Opposition senator Leila De Lima believes that President Rodrigo Duterte will go on another killing frenzy after watching the short film “Kangkungan”, a five-minute video directed by Mike De Leon, which slams the drug war of the administration.

“Apparently, it takes only a mirror to get Duterte off his rockers. After a video documenting his abuses and excesses circulated online and went viral, Duterte yet again engaged in another rantfest, this time before the League of Municipalities of the Philippines,” the detained senator said in a statement

“Reminded of the killings committed during his watch, rather than act as a human being and show remorse for the atrocities, he doubled down and threatened more killings,” De lima said

De Lima said Duterte’s words should not be dismissed as they are not “harmless blabbering”.

“If only these threats were just harmless blabberings from an old man. They’re not.” She said

“What is clear though is that when the old man say ‘kill’, more people die. No amount of spinning or sugarcoating will cover up that reality. He does not even need to put the order in writing. As soon as the media reports his threat to kill more people, more people end up dead,” De Lima continued

 “No person in his or her right mind would consider it a coincidence that the trail of deaths that would follow his words are from the hands of the police, who reports directly to him.

The police do not fear accountability for these deaths as well. Early on, Duterte has guaranteed that he will protect them from going to jail for following his orders,” she added.

De Lima also called on the public servants, “from the judiciary, to the Cabinet secretaries, to my colleagues in Congress, to the men and women in uniformed services, to those serving in the barangays. Let us restore the rule of law. For the sake of our future generation, let us stop this insanity.”

“We are a great nation inspite of him, not because of him. Let us restore the checks and balances, protect our democracy, and prevent our country from yet again falling into the dark shadows of tyranny. Never again.” She said

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