Lawyer, former diplomat slams Bam Aquino: “He delivered a speech on poverty but knows nothing of it."

Senator Bam Aquino with political party-mates Sen. Pangilinan, Trillanes, and Hontiveros / photo file (ctto)

Atty. Josephus B. Jimenez, a lawyer, former diplomat and has more than 30 years of solid experience as labor relations practitioner has recently pointed out why Bam Aquino is not very convincing as a public servant as he knows nothing of being poor.

Atty. Jimenez also writes for the Philippine Star’s opinion column “The Freeman” and in one of his articles titled “P0verty speeches by politicians in business suits”, he said that elite senators like Bam Aquino are really not credible when delivering speeches like they understand the poor.

In his recent privilege speech, Bam Aquino has challenged the government to act and roll back the excise tax on petroleum products under TRAIN Law – to help the poor ease the burden of increasing prices of the basic commodities.

Aquino emphasized that one of the ways to lift the burden of the Filipino people is to suspend the excise tax on fuel.

Some senators like Senator Panfilo Lacson did not favor the suspension of fuel excise tax since after the losses, there will be no alternative ways given to compensate it. Lacson proposed to suspend VAT exemptions instead of various industries.

However, this sympathy to the poor is not convincing at all – says Atty. Jiminez.

“When I saw on TV Senator Bam Aquino in a tailored suit delivering a privilege speech on p0verty last week I told myself: Look at these scions of rich hacienderos and oligarchs, schooled in exclusive schools, wallowing in wealth and privilege, their feet have never touched the mud and dust of a squatter area. He talks of economic theories as if still defending a thesis in Ateneo and his topic on p0verty is completely betrayed by his sartorial elegance. He appeared like Prince Harry trying to sound like a squatter from B. Rodriguez. His PR handlers should do better if they want this Ninoy lookalike to win a reelection.” The lawyer said.*

Atty. Jimenez also cited that it would have been a convincing speech had it been Manny Pacquiao or former Senator Manny Villar who delivered it.

“Poor voters would have believed if that speech was delivered by Manny Pacquiao, now the richest man in the senate (the richest person is Cynthia Villar). Manny was so poor he went to Manila to work as a construction worker. He sold pan de sal and accepted all kinds of odd jobs while Mama Dionisia sold vegetables in GenSan. Manny also spent millions to help the poor in Socksargen. What has Bam do for the poor?” Atty. Jimenez wrote.

“Cynthia Villar’s husband, Manny Villar, would have been more credible because he was a fish vendor in Tondo. Villar is one of the richest Filipinos today who did not steal money from government. He built his empire starting from two second-hand delivery trucks selling sand and gravel. Today he is a self-made billionaire. What has Bam done to deserve the support of the Filipinos? All he has achieved is marry a rich and pretty girl, graduate summa cum laude, and be chosen one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men. How is this relevant to 10 million poor Filipinos?” the lawyer added.*

It is known to all that Bam Aquino belongs to a wealthy family since he was born. Jimenez noted how the Aquinos’ did nothing for the tenants of the controversial Hacienda Luisita owned by the Conjuancos’ and Aquinos.

“He delivered a speech on p0verty but knows nothing of it. He was driven by a chauffeur to Ateneo every day. He was born with silver spoon in his mouth. What has he accomplished in the Senate except deliver speeches trying to look like the late Ninoy Aquino? But Ninoy was impris0ned for seven years, he was t0rtured and @ssass!nated. And what have the Aquinos done to tenants in Hacienda Luisita? Come on, Bam, be real. Why don’t you visit a poor family in Tupas, Ronda, or see how a fisherman makes ends meet in Basdiot, Moalboal. It’s one thing to deliver a speech on p0verty while wearing a branded imported suit while the poor struggle.” Atty. Jimenez continued.

“P0verty is not a theory for a thesis in elite universities or for a privileged speech by elegantly-attired Senators. It is painful reality people suffer each day. Bam should know better than that. I challenge him to live in a squatter area behind TB Pavilion in B. Rodriguez, even for a week. There he will break down in tears.” He added.

Source: Philstar

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  1. Absolutely and crystal clear true sir Jimenez. Many of these senators came from oligarchs family. They are mostly heavily deluded hypocrites, greedy for power so to further enrich themselves of easy money from the supposed to be poor people of the country. Bam Aquino is a deliuded schizophrenic.