Karen Davila gives side why she throws ‘offensive questions’ to Sen. Manny Pacquiao

Sen. Manny Pacquiao and host Karen Davila / composite photo from ABS CBN

ANC’s Headstart host Karen Davila has given her statement after Senator Manny Pacquiao defended her when she received criticisms online as her televised interview with him went viral over her “unprofessional” line of questioning.

Pacquiao said in a statement earlier, “I was never offended by her manner of questioning. Isa po siyang batikan sa larangan ng broadcasting at trabaho po niya na magbigay ng mabibigat na tanong sa taong kanyang ini-interview.”

“I continue learning not only in academics but also in life. Pakiusap ko lang po: Let us stop the hate. Magtrabaho lang po tayo para sa kapakanan n gating bayan.” He added

During the interview, Davila sought Pacquiao’s opinion on proposals to require senators and presidents to be college graduates. The boxing champ turned-legislator said that he agrees with this, Davila then ask the senator, “Pero kung ganun, baka hindi ka na mag-qualify.”

Hindi, nag-aaral naman ako,” Pacquiao’s reply.

She then pressed the senator to spill where he was studying but he refused to give further details.

“So secret ito,” Davila replied. “Pero kumbaga, naghahanda ka sa ganung paraan.”

Davila was scolded by netizens for being “rude” but the senator appealed to public to “stop the hate” and should work instead for the nation.

On February 23, Davila in a tweet responded to Pacquiao’s gesture and explained her side.

“Thank you Sen @mannypacquiao for setting the record straight. I’ve been asked, “bakit mo tinanong kasi si Manny about his college degree?”. To put in context - Manny was invited to the show as the campaign manager of PDP Laban, a party that supports Federalism.” She said

“Under the Federal Draft charter is a proposal requiring college degrees for senators & higher office. I asked Manny if he agrees w proposal & was surprised he said, “yes, I agree”. So i asked why... and he revealed that “nag-aaral ako at tinatapos ang college degree ko”

“I have worked in Habitat Phils with Manny. He has been on Headstart 4x & even had a 2 hour breakfast w him after the show. We discussed the university where he is getting his degree among other things. This is why I am grateful Manny set the record straight” the host added

 Source: Dailypedia

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  1. A journalist doesn't have to be rude in an interview, there are so many ways that a veteran journalist can ask the hard questions without offending the interviewee. But I guess Karen Davila is just a congenitally rude person.

    Davila should have watched Larry King in his interviews with all kinds of people, she could have l learned a lot.

  2. nasobrahan ny yabang kaya feeling matalino. bastos na matanda.