Bobi Tiglao reveals why Maria Ressa allegedly got kicked out of ABS-CBN

Rigoberto Tiglao and Maria Ressa / compiled photos from Google

Former Cabinet Secretary Rigoberto “Bobi” Tiglao revealed on Wednesday February 20 the alleged reason why Maria Ressa left ABS-CBN in 2010 after spending six years as the head of its News and Current Affairs Division.

Tiglao on his Manila Times column said that Ressa was asked to resign by the network’s chairman at the time, Gabby Lopez, because she violated the exclusivity clause in her contract.

“Did you notice that neither ABS-CBN, nor its media bigwigs like its president Charo Santos, Luchi Cruz-Valdes, Karen Davila and Charie Villa have spoken a word in defense of their former colleague, a “kabaro” at that? Yellow leader Mar Roxas – if not for his wife Korina Sanchez – would have raised a howl over Ressa’s “persecution,” but didn’t.” Tiglao wrote

“Gabby Lopez, I was told by insiders, got the excuse to give Ressa the “resign-or-be-fired” message when he got undeniable proof that she was moonlighting, that is, giving interviews, for a fee, on Philippine developments with CNN and other US media outfits (whom she would later tap to raise a howl against the libel charge against her). Her services to ABS-CBN were exclusive, according to her contract.” He wrote

Tiglao also cited that women from ABS CBN, even Lopez’s relatives who are said to be conservative, were allegedly scandalized of her romantic relationship with journalist Lilibeth Frondoso.

“Many in the network, even Lopez’s conservative relatives, were allegedly also scandalized over Ressa’s open lesbian relationship with Lilibeth Frondoso — married but separated — who became some kind of power in the network because of her closeness to the controversial news head. Gabby’s mestizo executives and friends incessantly asked him: ‘Are you really comfortable with Ressa being the face of ABS-CBN?'” he said.

Reportedly, both Ressa and Frondoso are now part of Rappler.

Meanwhile, an article from states that Ressa opted not to renew her contract with the network upon its expiration in January 2011.

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