Veteran director on Duterte: "It is what has been done that matters more than what has been said."

Director Manny Castañeda and President Rodrigo Duterte / photo compiled from Google (ctto)

President Rodrigo Duterte is now under fire after his supposed confession saying he ‘touched’ his maid when he was a teenager, with women’s rights groups condemning his action in the past.

Several personalities like Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro also showed their usual outrage against Duterte.

In a tweet last December 30, Paredes said: “To you stupid, ugly hater and oppressor of women, and promoter of r*pe, we are all collectively giving you the Finger!”

“Ang mga kasambahay, ating galangin. Huwag GAPANGIN.” Paredes added on December 31.

When you laugh at Duterte’s unfunny jokes about r*pe, misogyny and the like, you are an enabler of hate,” Navarro also said in a tweet

“When you remain silent about EJK, the failing economy or the illegal detention of @SenLeiladeLima (Senator Leila de Lima), you are complicit. Silence doesn’t absolve you.” The singer said

Meanwhile, actor and veteran director Manny Castañeda has different opinion on the recent controversy involving the president.

The director said in a Facebook post that he is more concerned with what the president could do for the country, not to what he says.

“I really do not pay too much attention to what he says, especially those said in jest. Only those who intrinsically hate him would always raise hell everytime a “controversial” statement is made.” He said
“I am more concerned with what he does. It is what has been done that matters more than what has been said. With the very good approval ratings from the latest surveys, I would assume that he has been doing the right things. Action speaks louder than words, don’t you think?” Castañeda added

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