Davao doctor shares personal experience of Duterte giving gifts to cancer patients: 'We missed him a lot'

President Rodrigo Duterte gives gifts to cancer patients in Davao City as part of his yearly tradition / photo from PNA

Manila, Philippines – The Christmas tradition continues as President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday night visited young cancer patients at the Southern Philippine Medical Center in Davao City to give them Christmas presents.

Former presidential aide Bong Go has shared photos of the president’s visit where he gave toys to the children and treated them with a hearty meal.

“Naki-halubilo si Tatay Digong at Kuya Bong sa mga bata. Kasama ang mga hospital officials, binisita nila ang ward ng mga bata. Namigay din ng mga regalo ang dalawa at naghandog din ng pagkain (Tatay Digong and Kuya Bong interacted with the kids. Together with hospital staff, they visited the children’s ward. They also gave gifts and treated them to a meal),” Go said in his Facebook post.

Speaking of heart-warming gesture from the president, Dr Mae Dolendo, the lead Paediatric Oncologist at the South Philippines Medical Centre also shared her very touching experience with the chief executive.

The doctor also reminisce every visit of the president and strengths he give to the young cancer patients.

Dr. Dolendo’s post reads:

It was more than three hours, that seemed like a blur; but he was how I remembered him to be; like he never left to do greater things. He wanted the time to be private, and personal. I was instructed to keep the number of people down because he wanted the time only for the children.

I remarked how busy he has become and we missed him a lot. He said he was so busy he hardly had time to sit and take a dump. Funny, maybe common remark, but that is how he is. He calls things as they are (taking a dump, is my euphemism ) and being 73, I give him license to be cranky, impatient and say anything he wants.

Thus, the reason why this visit was utterly precious. He took his time. WE took his personal time.

I remember him listening to a child sing the full length of a song, meant only for him - the song was the romantic “Perfect”, from a child who can barely see but knew he was giving every ounce of his talent, every cadence, including the missed beats, for the president. He missed a line, and did the song all over again, and the president listened, had ears only for him.

I vividly remembered how the president sang a birthday song, for a kid who was turning a year older that day, knowing that day was precious. I remembered his words of courage for a child who had no parents, and battling cancer, who cried because with all his trials and tribulations, small as he is, the president ACTUALLY saw him. He told him, it’s all right not to have parents, I can be your barkada. You can tell your friends “migo mi ana ni Rudy”. And come take our picture together, show them.

And there I understood where the greatness of this man lies - in his boundless capacity for compassion inspite of his stature; and his uncanny ability to channel his strength and power to those who need it most. He is a president for the people; an ordinary man doing extraordinary things; trying to do right, regardless of the challenges. Surmountable or not.

And I believe that we give him strength too; and we remind him what he is in power for. God bless PRRD. God bless our president.

Source: PNAMae Dolendo

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