Veteran film director Mike De Leon slams ABS CBN ball

Photo from Citizen Jake page

Manila, Philippines – Veteran movie director Mike De Leon, criticized the ABS CBN Ball that was recently concluded.

De Leon was known for movies such as “Batch 81” and “Citizen Jake.”

“Many people will not like this question but I have to ask it – In these dark times of murder and hunger, who really needs the ABS CBN ball? Bread and Circuses again a la Imelda Marcos” he wrote in the page Citizen Jake.

With this, De Leon also received a lot of comments on his post;

“We Filipino's need to have fun whether glamour or not, indeed we belong to a democratic country. Let them be, yes it's true that the country is on crisis but they had the right to have fun, the right to raise money for charity and the right waste their money. Mind your own and live life to it's fullest..” one netizen said

Why can't people be happy that aside from providing glitz & glamour, the ABS-CBN Ball's intent is to raise funds for Bantay Bata? WHY?!” another one said

“Its their life, their joy, their money, their career! Let it be!!! We are all in this dark times, even actors n actresses feel the same so for one moment let us forget that dark part n just enjoy. We are all entitled to it.” Netizen Ellen Manansala Villafuerte also said

As if addressing the critics of what he said, De Leon wrote:

“Bato-bato sa langit... ang tamaan... At salamat sa lahat ng mga nag-comment. It should now become even more clear to thinking Filipinos that religion is no longer the opium of the people, it is showbiz. People now become more upset by a legitimate question about priorities (like this ball) than the politcal helhole we all find ourselves in presently. We are truly a damaged people. Kaawa-awang Pilipinas...”

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