Well-known professor's theory on who really the culprit was behind Ninoy's assasination

Composite photo of Van Ybiernas (Facebook) and the assassination of late Senator Ninoy Aquino (from ABS CBN)

In a lengthy Facebook post, De La Salle University (DLSU) professor and a staunched supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Van Ybiernas listed the possibilities and who he suspects behind the Ninoy Aquino assassinati0n.

August 21 marks the 35th death anniversary of the late senator and opposition leader who was gunned down at the Manila International Airport in 1983.

Until today, it remains a mystery on who really was the mastermind behind Aquino’s assassinati0n; a missing puzzle and is still nowhere to be found.

There were many conspiracy theories already telling who did it. Then, Ybiernas put another theory on the list.

Below is the complete post of the DLSU professor:

Hindi matapos tapos ang Ninoy Aquino posts ko! Hahaha.

Here’s WHO I suspect is behind the Aquino assassinati0n:

1. I already said that it can’t be FM

2. Is it Tita Meldy, with the help of Fabian? And why would she make that very important decision on her own without consulting her husband? Because he was sick? Why would Tita Meldy want him dead in front of the whole world in spectacular fashion, fully knowing that they are going to be blamed for it? Kasi Tita Meldy is a dumb bimbo? 


3. Danding Cojuangco. Why? Because of personal animosity? Political rivalry in Tarlac? Political expediency? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Ninoy was going to go back to jail upon his return. Remember he was a convicted criminal. Why would Danding prefer Ninoy’s death over his incarceration? Couldn’t he see the implications of Aquino’s dramatic assassination? Was he that stupid?


4. The mastermind is someone who WOULD BENEFIT FROM NINOY’S ASSASSINATION, especially in the CHAOS AND TURMOIL it was sure to bring afterwards. The mastermind was sure the Marcoses will be blamed so part of the logic behind the assassination was the fall of the Marcoses. The mastermind also needed to be at the highest levels of government to have access to Aquino’s arrival schedule, at least. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, contacts/influence/access to/within the military to recruit the soldiers to assassinate Ninoy.

So, who stands to benefit from the fall of the Marcoses? Not the Marcoses.

The opposition, yes. But do they have the power to arrange Ninoy’s death inside MIA? I don’t think so.

The CPP-NPA-NDF could benefit from the chaos produced by Aquino’s death but did they have the power to arrange his death inside the MIA? Not likely.

The US? Marcos was their boy, remember? Why would the US want their boy toppled down by an assassinati0n which he will surely be blamed for without being sure that the one who will seize power afterwards was going to be their boy too?

I think the mastermind —-from a purely logical reasoning—- was someone who saw opportunity in the chaos that the assassinati0n was sure to bring. This was someone who wanted Marcos to fall because they wanted to seize power afterwards. They were probably powerful people inside the Marcos administration who wanted to succeed Marcos but could not because FM wanted Tita Meldy to be the regent until BBM was ready to take over the throne. This was someone who resented the Marcoses pseudo-monarchical pretensions. And finally, this was someone with enough clout in the military to make the assassination happen.

Anyone you know?

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