Multi-awarded artist' honest revelation: 'If not for Duterte, the Filipinos will have no chance to change for the better'

Combined photos of artist Ramon Orlina (from Manila Times) and President Rodrigo Duterte (presidential photo)

Ramon Orlina, an artist and multi-awarded glass sculptor took Facebook to share what he described as a sad story on how drugs could ruin someone’s life.

The world's famous artist also pointed out the significant role of President Rodrigo Duterte in making changes for the nation as he pushes for a federal form of government.

The artist strongly believes that shifting to federalism is what the country needs to win the game, for a better future, and for a better nation.

Below is the complete Facebook of Ramon Orlina:

My excellent welder died June 20, 2016 DU30 sworn in June 30, 2016. Rey after taking shabu combined with a small red pill (viagra imitation from China) had my own personal investigation, cause I know the drug DEN supplier on my own street. Confessed that my welder Rey together with one of my driver for 24 years was also a drug addict. The drug supplier's mother said that my very own driver for 4 yrs is also hook on shabu. I fired the two & my 4 yr. driver, ask when he can come back. My wife told him, he has to go for rehab first. My secretary inquired how much will it cost to have rehab.

A rehab center said 45k a month, not sure when treatment can end but 6 months is the minimum. The price goes down if an NGO pays for most of it but the addicted person still has to share 15K. Now tell me how can the gov pay for the 700,000 confessed surrendered addicts? Now we have 4M addicts and still growing. The Chinese built a 10,000 room rehab center but only 3,000 availed of it. Ask any drug addict why they don’t want to go for rehab, cause it’s hard labor to be inside the rehab center. *

BTW, here's another sad story, and like the first case it happens in my own community.

My museum man's daughter was rape by his HS classmate with his friend. I help and even accompanied him to the Tagaytay City Mayor. The Mayor got so angry and promised to help in the case, but she was rape on the adjacent town of Silang. The case was filed there but nothing happened for more than two years and he was offer of P500K by a Brgy captain. When his older brother and sister visited from the province, they said to accept the money as the minor offenders are protected by our laws and at the end they will be set free.

He accepted the 500k and the case was closed. But the poor girl gave birth and she doesn't know who the father is? Will she marry any one of the two addicts? which could be known only by DNA. Then after a month, that minor rapist rape another young girl. I feel sorry for our poor people, they can't have justice at all. Now you said that only the poor are victims of EJK's. Because it's in Tondo, Paco, Leveriza, Caloocan, or Sampaloc where my workshop and where me and my family resides. This places are where the majority of the poor lives. *

Tell me are there EJK in Forbes Park, Dasmarinas village, Corinthian, etc, heard of any EJKs there? None. I know cause I have a good size condo in BGC for almost a decade, its a well guarded that I feel very safe. Now that our crime and rape cases are 40% less, before there are rape victims every 32mins in a day.

The Yellowtards and influential rich, “intellectual” kuno wants Pres Duterte to be ousted. For God sake, he is the only President who fully understands the whole problems of our country. Also because Abnoy made the drug, crimes and corruption problems so absolutely uncontrollable.

 If it was not DU30 who took over, the Filipinos will have no chance to change for the better. See now, with DU30 signing the free tuition fees was never done by any government administration, housing for the military, police, teachers added salary. So many other things that will completely change our poor nation. Here if you’re very sick then you are dead. God bless the Philippines as the real change will be coming soon. I see now the wisdom of PRRD, an intelligent street smart lawyer. I love the Philippines too, its the only one that I have.

As I believe that if we can’t win the game, change the rules! We were under an old Unitary form of government for 120 years plus the similar Spanish unitary form for almost 400 years and now of more than 100 million people. And a country controlled by only 400 families. Pres. Duterte loves our country and the poor people, like our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was for a Federal form of government.

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