A prominent supporter of Duterte gave "unsolicited" advice to Leni: 'work yourself to the bone..wag puro photo op'

Credit to the owner / from Dra. Lorraine Badoy

Dra. Lorraine Badoy, one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s staunched supporter and a pro DDS gave Vice President Leni Robredo an advice amid her dropping trust and approval rating.

Badoy pointed out that as vice president, Robredo should be serving the people like how the president does it. Here’s the complete copy of Dra. Badoy’s post through her wordpress journal.

By: Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy

I hear the VP’s trust and approval ratings have dive-b0mbed. And I hear too that in an obvious attempt to shore up her pitiful ratings, she has a new radio program which, I hear, was just awful.

And I am sighing all over the place because this is too painful. Leni Robredo, once again, falling flat on her face despite the massive support she gets from ye olde oligarkyos y disentes.

Ang hirap talaga ibenta ni Leni.

So Madam VP, in the grand tradition of unsolicited advice-giving, may I please?

You are, understandably, alarmed at your ay-chihuahua-ratings. To add insu!t to injury, the President’s ratings are so high up there, it has given us neck pains to see just how far up this dude has been soaring. This, despite the relentless att@cks on him since Day One by his powerful enemies. (Uhm. YOU.)

It’s real simple, Madam VP. You want ratings just like the President’s? You gotta do as the President does.

This means, basically, working yourself to the bone. Like a man possessed.

Day in, day out.


No meeting your staff for the first time on Day 45 – like what you did when you were HUDCC head. Say goodbye to all that monumental laziness. Say goodbye to one excuse after another for why it can’t be done and say hello to ways and means the job gets done. *

That is the Digong Duterte way, you see.

And you would have to do all of these with no thought of applause or who gets the credit or magazine covers or radio programs.

You would have to love the poor to the point where you would breach protocol and security lines and international lines to be with them, to rescue them, to hear them out.

Wag lang pa-photo op photo op. The poor can sniff out fakes pretty fast (as can we) so I’d be careful if I were you. All that huggy buggies you give them could backfire with the painful grimace on their faces frozen for all to see while you put your arms around them, phoney and all.

Then you would have to sit with your Cabinet Secretaries and pour your hearts, minds, souls to come up with solutions that will take them out of the horrible trap of poverty they are in.

And those Cabinet Secretaries? You would need to put there people who are like Digong too— those whose every waking hour is about the poor and taking them out of poverty and letting them finally live lives of ease and some measure of dignity.*

Cabinet Secretaries like Judy Taguiwalo and Paeng Mariano. (#ConfirmJudy! #ConfirmPaeng!)

This means Mar Roxas and all those highly educated, highly useless sh!ts don’t get to sit on the table with you. Can you do this, you think?

You would need to HATE c0rruption to the extent that everyone who works for you cowers at the mere thought of stealing from public coffers because they would have to answer to you and they will know hell once you catch them.*

You would need to live simply –no more signature clothes and shoes and bags that you seem to have some fondness for. No more NY family reunions. Hala.

You would need to have the kind of spine that doesn’t care for popular opinion just because you are certain as certain can be that what you are doing, while difficult as hell, will redound to the good of our country and to generations of Filipinos.

Can you put the Filipino people above party loyalty? Can you love country above all else?

Can you say, “I do not care if I burn in hell for as long as the people I serve live in paradise.” and mean it –to the frank astonishment of the people you serve?*

Can you love the Filipino people this much and with as much sincerity as the sitting president does?

Can you?

And what’s more, can you do all these while everything and the sink is thrown at you by low lives here and abroad -relentlessly, non-stop—Loida, Leila, Trillanes, CBCP, elitistas, that Callamares woman, Matobato, Time Magazine, CNN, NYf*ckingTimes, the CHR, the ICC. Etc etc..

If you can’t, I suggest you sit this one out.

And join the ENTIRE Filipino nation (save the h@ters of course) who have been down on their knees since taking a good look at the scary alternative (Uhm. YOU.) feverishly and fervently praying that our President’s good health holds up till his term ends.

Yon lang naman, Leni. Simpleng simple.

Go for it, madam.

Dra. Lorraine T. Badoy / PCOO Undersecretary

Source: Digongmylabs journal  (Originally published on May 2017)

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