President Duterte remains 'very good' in his latest satisfaction rating - SWS

President Duterte, his daughter Sara pose with Xi Jinping of China and wife (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte retains ‘very good’ net satisfaction rating according to the latest Social Weather Survey (SWS) from December 2017 to March 2018, with only two points dip.

First quarter survey conducted by the said polling firm showed that 70 percent of Filipinos were satisfied, while 14 percent dissatisfied and 17 were undecided with the President’s performance.

Overall, the score still gives the president a ‘very good’ net satisfaction rating of 56 percent, which was only two points lower compared his December rating.

“Compared to December 2017, gross satisfaction with President Duterte fell by 1 point from 71%, gross undecided rose by 2 points from 15%, and gross dissatisfaction rose by 1 point from 13%”, the SWS said.

According to SWS, the president got an 11-point decline in Balance Luzon, which was now at 39 percent ‘good’ from 50 percent or very good.

The chief executive’s score in Metro Manila, also dipped by one point, from 55 percent in December to 54 percent in March. Still, classified as ‘very good’.

The SWS classifies ratings of 70 percent or above as excellent, 50 to 69 percent as very good, 30 to 49 as good, 10 to 29 as moderate, 9 to -9 neutral, -10 to -29 as poor, -30 to -49 as bad, -50 to -69 and -70 or below as execrable.

Meanwhile, in the Visayas region, the president enjoyed a 12-point rating increase from 53 percent to now 65 percent, says SWS.

The chief executive’s rating in his home region also increased by two percent, from 80 in December and 82 percent in March.

He still remains popular in both urban and rural areas of the country, according the polling firm. His net satisfaction rating also remained ‘very good’ across different education levels, from college graduates, to non-elementary school graduates.

Source: Philstar

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