New York University alumnus, writer over fast justice served for Demafelis: 'We deserve equality. And under Duterte, we have found equality.'

Everyone, regardless of the race deserves equality.

Equality, is what the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) have been dreaming of for such a long time now, which was recently achieved after the Lebanese couple who killed the OFW Joana Demafelis in Kuwait was sentenced to death.

On Sunday, a Kuwaiti criminal court has issued death sentence by hanging the Lebanese man and his Syrian wife, who’s still at large somewhere in Syria.

This news has brought relief to OFWs, and hope that abusive employers could actually pay for their sins.

Meanwhile, a known writer, who supports President Rodrigo Duterte also voiced out her wonder over this very good news. Here’s what Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu said;

I wonder if part of the negotiations Duterte asked for when he spoke with Kuwait was the death penalty for the murderers. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the things he demanded was their deaths. Or if he didn't demand them, they gave it to him--and gave it to him VERY FAST--to show him that Kuwait/Lebanon means business.

Ambilis ng kaso ha. Kulong na ang lalake pero hinahanap pa ang babae. But Lebanon has already sentenced them to death.

Or you know, maybe that's how they really do it there, but it's just different from what we're used to.

I don't remember other abusive employers of OFWs paying for their sins like this. Kahit hindi Filipino ang may kasalanan, dahil Filipino LANG tayo, our workers suffered. Na rape? Uwi ng luhaan. Pinatay? Uwi ng naka box. Suicide daw. O kapwa daw Pinoy ang pumatay.

Duterte has risen... the dignity of the Filipino worker. (Ay raised pala.) Under the new government the Filipino was given importance.

We deserve equality. And under him, we have found equality.


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