Sereno is Aquino’s ‘Doberman’ in the Supreme Court - Tiglao

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It all began in the past, an inside story so to speak – how the attack dog became the chief magistrate.

Manila Times resident columnist and former Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao recalled an article he wrote five years ago at his Philippine Daily Inquirer column titled “Aquino’s ‘Doberman’ in the Supreme Court”.

Tiglao said that Sereno’s appointment as Chief Justice by former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino was something that even his Liberal Party colleague couldn’t fathom.

Not only that Sereno was the most junior member of the court, but also the least experienced and so unqualified, who never been in a court room.

“Since her appointment, her behavior, as well as information that were unearthed (which she had mightily tried to keep secret) have proven her to be worse than I thought in 2012.” Tiglao wrote.

“Some of these make up the 24 impeachment charges against her, such as her falsification of court resolutions to make it appear as if they were made by the en banc; her manipulation pf the Judicial Bar Council’s short-list and use of confidential records to block Francis Jardeleza’s bid to be appointed to the Court; and her unauthorized use of public funds to purchase an P8 million bullet-proof luxury SUV.” The columnist added.

To add more, Sereno even failed to submit her statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) for eight years, wherein even the lowest ranked government officials are required to do so.

She also failed to pay her taxes accordingly, from her huge earnings of P37 million as legal researcher in the government’s NAIA terminal 3 case in an international court.

Moreover, her Psychological tests proves her being unfit mentally to judge in any court.

Tiglao also provided a recapped of his column back in 2012 titled, “Aquino’s ‘Doberman’ in the Supreme Court”:

“Sereno’s appointment to the Supreme Court was unexpected, as she was at the bottom of the list that the Judicial and Bar Council submitted to President Aquino, despite intensive lobbying by JBC members De Lima and Rep. Niel Tupas. A respected appeals court justice topped the list, and [Inquirer] columnist Raul Pangalangan and Comelec member Rene Sarmiento had more votes—and qualifications—than she.”

“Sereno though was Aquino’s college buddy; she is on a nickname basis with the yellow crowd, including his minions, such as his spokesman.”

Tiglao compared Sereno to a Doberman having the same trait as of the said dog’s breed.

“She demonstrated a Doberman’s trait of unrelenting fury against its master’s enemy when she claimed in one dissenting opinion that President Arroyo was responsible for extrajudicial killings in the country, for which she should be charged.”

Mr. Tiglao also mentioned that Sereno might have helped De Lima in her “fearless stand” on her defiance of the court’s temporary restraining order on the ban against former President Arroyo ravel- “which bolsters suspicions that Sereno—unethically and perhaps even illegally—acted as Mr. Aquino’s fifth column, and even his mole, in the court.”

Source: Manila Times

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