Malacañang vows to protect the dignity of Filipino women - Spox Roque

Manila, Philippines – In celebration of National Women’s Month, Malacañang vowed to protect the dignity of Filipino women.

On Thursday, Spokesperson Harry Roque said that the government is focusing on upholding the rights of the women in the country as well as giving them the recognition they deserve.

Roque added that the current administration is also pushing for women as equal partners in nation-building.

“As Women’s Month commences, the government underscores the commitment to protect the Filipino woman’s dignity, upholding women’s rights and giving women the recognition they properly deserve, not just the ‘ilaw ng tahanan’ but the ‘haligi’ as well,” Roque said in a briefing in Malacañang.

The Presidential spokesman also said that the government is working on fulfilling women’s rights to comprehensive health services as more legislation is introduced.

Meanwhile, Roque pointed out that inclusive development can only be achieved and realized through equality and genuine collaboration between men and women of the society.

He also defended President Rodrigo Duterte over the latter’s remarks to order soldiers to shoot rebel women in their genitals, citing that the chief executive was being sarcastic and does not mean it literally.

Also, president Duterte already clarified the issue that he was upset at that time he said those words, he was angry how these rebel women to leave their children behind and join dissenting groups.

“Nag-explain lang naman siya, na medyo hindi naman literal iyong kaniyang nais sabihin. Medyo iniinis niya talaga iyong mga amazona ‘no, pero hindi naman literal iyong kaniyang nais sabihin (He only explained, that what he meant wasn’t really literal. He was only taunting the amazons, but he didn’t mean it literally),” Roque said.

Source: PNA

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