Irish priest tagged as silent anti-Duterte names world leaders with 'dictators profile'

Father Shay Cullen is an Irish missionary priest and the founder of the PREDA Foundation./ photo from Wikipedia

On February 27, an article was published on this same site highlighting the revelation of a foreign netizen about a certain Irish priest – Fr. Shay Cullen, who was tagged as silent anti- Duterte based on his attacks through his column in Manila Times.

“What is very clear to me, is that this is how all the Rappler reporting gets into Europe – this is all available in German as well as English. Fr. Shay Cullen has become rather silent on his anti-Duterte rants in the Manila Times but he sure is not silent in Europe.” Zimmer wrote on her Facebook post.

Now, it seemed that Cullen has another silent attack through his article “Profiles of dictators” where he named some strong leaders of the world, tagging them as dictators.

Ironically, he did not mention the name of President Rodrigo Duterte, whom the opposition and human rights advocates like Cullen himself has been calling a dictator.

Here are some names of leaders with ‘dictators’ profile’, according to Cullen;

We have the powerful Chinese leader Xi Jinping getting the Constitution changed so he can remain in office indefinitely. Human rights violations are common practice.

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, is branded a war criminal for bombing with Russian help, and killing and torturing thousands of his own people to stay in power. The worst dictator of our time.

President Donald Trump appears to be a dictator in the making. He is campaigning for a second term when he has already destroyed his credibility and is facing sex abuse charges by many women, and possible treason or impeachment for allowing foreign powers, such as Russia, to subvert the election process and help get him elected. He says he approves torture and has appointed a new head of the CIA who is notorious for supporting horrific torture of suspects in the past.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is now a dictator who gave himself additional power through an alleged rigged referendum, bringing journalists and critics to court on trumped up charges and jailing them. He allegedly tortures opponents, branding them as terrorists. He wages war in Northern Syria.

Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir has an international arrest warrant out for him, issued by the International Criminal Court, to be arrested anywhere to face charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is a “strongman” dictator 12 years in power and going again for another six years, having taken over control of all media, silenced his opponents, barred them from elections and allegedly killed journalists. He is accused of murdering former spies in the UK with Russian military-made nerve poison and radioactive substance. He wages war by proxy in the Ukraine and annexed The Crimea.

The Maldives, the so-called Indian Ocean island paradise so popular with the Japanese and western tourists, is ruled by a dictator President Abdulla Yameen, who has declared his deposed former president a terrorist, arrested two court justices and is mired in corruption allegations.

The list goes on and we see the suffering of the victims wherever the tyrant takes more and more power.

Human suffering, poverty, deprivation and social and personal injustice mire the land, plague the cities and infect the population of a dictatorship. Economic disruption, inequality and a cloud of great sadness and pain descend to cover all in misery like soot from a polluting chimney. Such is the dire outcome of dictatorship. The dictators have their supporters and hangers-on who seek rewards and a share of the ill-gotten wealth, petty power and privilege.

Source: Manila Times

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