China maintains backing PH withdrawal from Rome Statue: ICC should respect the sovereignty of nations

Photo file of Lu Kang, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Manila, Philippines – After the withdrawal of Manila from the Rome Statue, China remained its position backing up the Philippines its decision.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry maintained that the International Criminal Court (ICC) should respect the sovereignty of each nations.

Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte submitted its letter of withdrawal from the treaty that established the international court.

The Philippine government remained firm that its decision to quit from Rome Statue was "principled stand against those who politicize and weaponize human rights."

 Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said that "act cautiously and avoid being used as a political tool."

"China believes that a sovereign country has the right to say no to political manipulation under the cloak of law," he said in a news briefing on Wednesday.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also added that President Duterte’s war against illegal drugs created a “sound environment” for the country’s development in terms of economy.

"The international community should give more understanding and support to those efforts instead of pointing fingers and casting blames," Lu said.

Despite the move to withdraw from ICC, the Philippine government assured the international community that it will supportive of upholding human rights.

"The Government remains resolute in effecting its principal responsibility to ensure the long-term safety of the nation in order to promote inclusive national development and secure a decent and dignified life for all,"

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano also reiterated that there is no crime or liability connected to the current administration’s war on illegal drugs.

"Contrary to what some parties are trying to make it appear, there is no failure on the part of the Philippine Government in dealing with issues, problems, and concerns arising from this campaign. These are dealt with by independent and well-functioning organs and agencies of our State," he said.

Source: Philstar

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