Cardinal Tagle in his Palm Sunday homily hits 'kings who are cocky, violent'

As Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, Manila Archbishop Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle hits leaders who are bad examples to their fellow countrymen.

Without mentioning names, Cardinal Tagle branded today’s leaders as “kings” who are boastful and violent.

The head of the country’s Catholic hierarchy delivered his homily in celebration of the Palm Sunday at the Manila Cathedral.

“In our world today, kings, who are full of cockiness and devoid of humility, are lording over,” Tagle said in his homily on Sunday.

“Today, many follow the kings  who use violence, arms and intimidation but are without any understanding and oneness with the weak,” he stressed.

“Our king does not rely on violence, in arms, in swords, in bullets and guns. Our king trusts in God alone,” Tagle reiterated, urging the said leaders to emulate the example of Jesus Christ’s humility.

“The serene dignity and silence of the person, who trusts in God and who is in full solidarity with sinful humanity, that is true authority. That is our true king. That is the king that will save the world,” he said.

“In truth, Pilate has no chance against Christ. But our king need not to defend himself. His personality shows he has full trust in God and love for us. That is the true king. That is dignity. That is power,” Tagle added.

Aside from his homily, Tagle also called on the Catholic faithful to use this Holy season as an opportunity to do charity works and help those who are in need.

Tagle led the celebration of Palm Sunday to kick off the last week of the Lenten season.

Meanwhile, Palace expressed confidence that Tagle was not referring to the president as "cocky and violent".

Source: Philstar

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