AirAsia owner to President Duterte: "I found him warm and down to earth... A real man of the people."

President Duterte posed for a picture with Annie, AirAsia crew, and with Mr. Tony Fernandez (right) / photos from Mr. Fernandez FB post

Malaysian businessman, Tan Sri Tony Fernandez received a lot of appreciation from many netizens for saying good things about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and for making his Filipino helper’s wish come true, whom he considered a family member.

Mr. Fernandez, who introduced the first budget no-frills airline to Malaysians and now the owner of AirAsia has recently shared a story on his Facebook post.

Annie my Filipino helper has been with me for 25 years. Practically family. She is a huge fan of President Duterte. Her father's dream was to meet any president of his country. He sadly never made it but I got Annie to meet her leader. There has been lots of press about President Duterte but I found him warm and down to earth. He went out of his way to take pictures with Annie and I could see he cared for her. A real man of the people.” Tan Sri Tony said.

And here’s what his employee, Annie, said in response:

Annie Ace Castillo wrote: “Thanks you Lord for giving me such a wonderful and amazing employer you are an heaven sent Sir Tony you are one in a trillion,,, Thank you so much for everything, You make all things possible for us... To the most humble , loving caring and selfless man in the world you will be always in our heart as long as we live..... Long live sir Tony we love you”

Others were also inspired by how humble this guy Tony Fernandez was and he even tried his best to reply to some of the commenters on his post.

Muhd Omar said: I'm also have my dream to meet someone very special? This person is my icon and this person is the one who are the best leader in hospitality service in the world. That is my business idol, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. But I don't think that my dream will be came true? I wish, I will meet this person as a gift for my birthday coming soon?

Tony Fernandez replied: "We can meet. When are you free"

Someone also commented expressing how he regretted that he did not take the opportunity to take a picture with Mr. Duterte.

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