Police: 5-year-old child burned in voodoo ritual in Massachusetts, 2 women charged

The sisters Peggy LaBossiere, 51, and Rachel Hilaire, 40 / photo from Enterprisenews.com via AP

Two sisters in Massachusetts are facing multiple charges after allegedly performing voodoo ritual on a 5-year old girl, burning her while she was tied down, the Massachusetts police said.

The girl, whose name is unknown yet, was permanently disfigured after the ritual which was meant to cleanse her from demon.

A Haitian hairstylist, mother of two children, the 5-year old and an 8-year old, believed that her children were misbehaving “due to evil spirits”.

She then sought the help of two East Bridgewater sisters, namely Peggy LaBossiere, 51, and Rachel Hilaire, 40, to rid of the evil spirits from her kids.

Meanwhile, the 8-year old boy told the police officers that his sister was tied down as the sisters blew fire on her face and they also cut her on the arm and collarbone, to draw blood.

The women allegedly threatened to cut the boy’s head off with a machete.

The sisters, however, pleaded not guilty on January 29 to cases against them which includes mayhem and assault, batter with dangerous weapon, battery on child with injury, indecent assault, battery on a child under the age of 14, and threatening to commit a crime.

 They told the police that they only performed “cleansing baths”, which they already did in the past for family and friends – this according to the Associated Press.

They also denied injuring the 5-year old and threatening her brother.

The girl’s mother was LaBossiere’s hairstylist, she was not charged but was receiving mental health treatment.

The victim suffered a third-degree burn across her face, she was treated at a hospital and taken into the custody of state welfare authorities, along with her brother.

Voodoo is a religious practice from centuries ago, when colonist brought slaves from West Africa to Haiti.

 Source: PTV News

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