Palace to CPP-NPA rebels: “If you want war, we’re ready to go to war."

Photo file of President Duterte and CPP founder Joma Sison (ctto)

 “If you want war, we’re ready to go to war.”

The statement was made by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Thursday after President Rodrigo Duterte blasted the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria “Joma” Sison on rebel’s attacks against the government.

The president noted that the New People Army (NPA) was still capable of launching attacks that could kill one soldier a day.

During his meeting with NPA surrenderees on Wednesday, the president said in Visayan dialect that he could kill five NPA rebels for every soldier killed.

When asked to clarify the President’s statement, Roque said that it was to warn Sison not to threaten the government.

“I think the message is, ‘You don’t threaten us Joma Sison,” Roque’s response during the Palace media briefing.

“We are the state, if we haven’t eradicated you, it’s because we opted not to eradicate you as Filipinos. But if you want war, we’re ready to go to war,” he added.

The Spokesman also reiterated that the President wants Sison to know that the government has enough resources to retaliate should the rebels opt to attack.

“Nandiyan ang resources ng gobyerno at hindi dapat tinatakot ang gobyerno na parang mas malaki pa ang kakahayan nila manaig sa isang digmaan. Handa ang buong sandatahan kung gusto nila ng digmaan (The resources of the government are there and he should not threaten the government as if they have better ability to win a war. The military is ready if he wants to wage a war),” Roque said.

Furthermore, the president also lauded the rebel returnees for making a good decision as he promised to give them full support, shelters, jobs, livelihood and education.

President Duterte also plans to send female returnees to Hongkong and China for them to feel the success of capitalism to counter Sison’s ideology.

Source: PNA

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