De Lima "vindicated" over Ressa's statement during the Senate hearing of fake news

“Vindicated” is what the detained Senator Leila De Lima felt while reading the transcript of the fake news hearing on Tuesday, where Rappler Chief Executive (CEO) Maria Ressa explained how the government is being run by trolls. 

In her statement on Friday, De Lime commended Rappler’s CEO for proving that attacks against her were just made up.

“proof that I am not just making up the persecution against me.” De Lima said after reading Ressa’s statement.

During the second hearing of the committee on public information and mass media on Tuesday, Ressa revealed the results of the study which according to her shows how false information spread on social media platforms, citing De Lima’s case as one of the best example of fake news victim.
Ressa said that systematic attacks on De Lima later on led to her arrest.

“Seeing the pattern brought on a ‘Eureka!’ moment: allege corruption; sexualize the target; and call for the arrest of the target. Repeat ad nauseam because if you repeat it enough times, lies become truth, and truth becomes lies,” De Lima said based on Ressa’s statement.

“That is exactly what happened to me!” she added.

De Lima also recalled the thousands of hate messages she received on her mobile phone from President Rodrigo Duterte;s supporters.
“I even had flashbacks to the thousands of hate messages I received through phone calls and text messages, after the House of Representatives hearing exposed my mobile number to the public,” she said.

Ressa has somewhat explained about a so called “state-sponsored trolling” in which according to her is being practiced in China and Russia.
De Lima also said that she feel relieved after learning what Ressa revealed.

“In many ways, I have been vindicated this past year: not just by the various awards and recognitions I have been honored with, acknowledging my plight as a human rights defender under attack, but also by the very acts of my persecutors,” De lima said.

“I commend Ms. Ressa and everyone who are speaking against the spread of fake news. You are the real heroes of this generation,” De lima said, commending Rappler’s CEO.

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