A health organization revealed that teacher, health workers suffer symptoms of depression due to Dengvaxia

photo from Manila Bulletin (ctto)

Because of Dengvaxia controversies, many teacher and health workers fell into depression – this according to an organization of health and professionals.

Dr. Eleanor Jara, co-convenor of Coalition for People’s Right to Health (CPRH) disclosed that there are teachers and health workers who are losing faith in themselves.

They are said to be experiencing symptoms of depression due to shame when facing their students.

“Are officials aware that there are teachers and health workers, who are losing faith in themselves and experiencing symptoms of depression because they couldn’t face their students in shame?” Dr. Jara said in a statement during a press conference in Quezon city.

Jara said that after some talk and series of discussions with teachers and health aids, they found out that many of them are under so much stress and guilt as they were the front liners  in giving vaccines to the students.

“Of course they are feeling guilty because that was not their intention in participating. They only wanted to help,” Dr. Jara said.

To help them out, Jara said that they will seek for assistance of the Department of Health to perform psychological counseling to those who were directly administering the anti-dengue vaccine.

“We will be making that recommendation to the DOH as we believe they should shoulder that program,” the doctor said.

Dengvaxia nightmare started on November 29, 2017, when the Sanofi Pasteur announced a finding on their Dengvaxia vaccines, which was administered to 830, 000 Filipino children.

“The analysis confirmed that Dengvaxia provides persistent protective benefit against dengue fever in those who had prior infection…. For those not previously infected by dengue virus, however, the analysis found that in the longer term, more cases of severe disease could occur following vaccination upon a subsequent dengue infection,” Sanofi said in its previous statement.

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