Well known writer apologized on behalf of Inquirer over "Filipino of the Year" award given PAB Jover Laurio

Writer and pro-Duterte supporter Krizette Laureta Chu lauded the real Filipinos of the year after the Philippine Daily Inquirer acknowledged Pinoy Ako Blogger Jover Laurio through their very own survey.

PDI voted for Laurio as one of the Filipinos of the Year 2017.

Chu on her post enumerated the heroes who brought pride and even risked their lives for their countrymen.

She apologized to the deserving ones on behalf of the PDI. Check out her full post below:

I'm so sorry to the fallen heroes of Marawi, to their suffering but dignified widows, to the evacuees who are trying to piece together their lives after terrorists attacked their city.

I am so sorry to that group of young Filipino students and delegates who bested other nationalities in the international math competition in Singapore (Singapore, the birthplace of Singaporean style Math, and our kids won.)

Im sorry to Hilary Andales, the student from Philsci Visayas, who brought home P20 million for winning the Breakthrough Challenge for an explainer video on relativity in a global science competition.

Sorry to the Philippine ice hockey team who won a gold medal at the 2017 SEA GAMES. A surprise win, and a very welcome one.

Sorry to Capt. Jeffrey Buada, the Scout Ranger who negotiated the release of women, children, and the injured from the ISIS, crossing enemy lines and risking his life to do so.

I'm sorry to these heroes like Joe Green and his group, who regularly fly out to Marawi to help evacuees. To girls like Kaye Koo, who built a library for the kids there, for everyone who gave a little of themselves to uplift other Filipinos.

Sorry Dr. Rogel Sese, that your tireless efforts to see and create a Philippine Space Agency isn't enough. Sorry to the OFWs whose remittances have acted as a foil against destabilization efforts and kept the peso stable. Sorry to the honest taxi drivers and service industry people whose small acts of heroism have gone unnoticed. Sorry to the policemen who have risked their lives in service to the nation, despite a besmirched reputation many of you soldier on.

You are, to us, the Filipinos of the year.

To represent the Filipino as a nation, to deserve the title, you should have brought us pride, gave the country honor, showed us a sliver of hope, helped build the nation, no matter your party affiliation.

Most of all, I am sorry that respected editors think that Jover Laurio, who is none of the above, is the "voice of fact." She isn't. It's not a fact that Lorraine Badoy is retokada, or that we are bayaran.

I am so sorry that some editors we looked up to are so hellbent on destroying the credibility of the administration and its supporters they don't care for their own credibility, throwing their support blindly behind a person as shady and as dubious as Laurio.

The fight is no longer against fake news, because fake news is easily verifiable--it's against biased news that serves the interest of a select group of powerful people. It's against slanted news that chooses to highlight some facts and hides others to present a chosen, curated, self serving view.

The Filipino of the year is the Filipino who came out of their shell to fight to change the status quo that never served them, the status quo that enslaved them for decades, that kept the Philippines in the dark.

The Filipino of the year is the ordinary Filipino who will do anything in his power to go against the desperate but powerful few who will do anything to cling to the fading vestiges of power, including sacrilegiously naming a libelous blogger the "Filipino of the Year," pretending that she's an acceptable Mockingjay of some sort.

The 90 percent who are real partners for change, they are the Filipinos of the year. (So you can go shave your back now.)

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