Soon to rise, $1 B new Clark City for thousands of workers by Duterte administration

The new Clark City in 2022 / photo at the right is BCDA President Vince Dizon

Another huge project of Duterte administration in cooperation with private companies is to build an administrative center in the New Clark City.

Investing more than P50 billion ($1 billion) to build at least eight mid-rise government towers, 8,000 housing units and train that would connect Clark to Manila.

These are the expected development within the next five years.

“The vision is to build a new thriving city outside Metro Manila that’s well-planned, future proof,” said Vince Dizon, the president of the state-run Base Conversion Development Authority- overseeing the 9, 5450 hectare development project.

“We will slowly move some government activities to Clark to pump-prime the city.” He said.

This project is part of President Rodrgo Duterte’s main plan to move some offices away from the crowded capital of Manila.

Decentralizing the capital also means people would need to transfer offices, thus, reducing the population and traffic in it.

The capital has 13 million people and accounting for about one-third of the Philippine’s economy, which according to the president’s speech previously would become a “dead city” in the next 25 years.

Meanwhile, there are about 1 million in the capital region work for the government, that adds up to the traffic problem in which according to a Japanese study conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) costs about P2.5 billion lost a day in productivity.

Bases Conversion will start moving to Clark this year, while the Department of Transportation already transferred its office last year.

The first phase of the administrative center would involve construction of government back-up offices of some agencies to ensure continuity of operations in case of disaster emergency.

About P12 million budget for roads and bridges will be built in the next two years, there is also the Industrial park by Filinvest Land Inc.

Also, according to Dizon, to help the government fund the Clark City development, Bases Conversion will sell up to 60 hectares of real estate in Taguig City.

 Source: Manila Bulletin

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