Roque on Robredo's 'darkness shrouds Philippines' remark: "completely out of touch"

Photo grabbed from PTV news (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – On Sunday, MalacaƱang issued a statement disputing the claims of Vice President Leni Robredo during the 72nd anniversary of the opposition Liberal Party.

Robredo claimed that darkness is enveloping the country and called on the members of the LP to continue fighting for their beliefs.

“Many ask us if there is still hope, where we are headed. Darkness envelops us. But we should not lose hope. Our party history is about fighting,” she said in her speech.

She also noted that the history seemed to be repeating itself, citing the membership decline of LP like how it happened during the time of the late former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

“It seems history is repeating itself. But it wasn’t the numbers that mattered then. What mattered was the strength of our conviction. What mattered was how strongly we fought,” Robredo said.

Meanwhile, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque disagreed to Robredo’s remarks saying that she was "completely out of touch with the existing realities on the ground."

"The darkness that Vice President Robredo may be referring to perhaps pertains to the future of those discredited politicians who wish to return to power," Roque said, and cited the results of Gallup International’s poll making the country the 3rd happiest nation in the world.

He added the SWS survey results indicating that 96 percent of the Filipinos are hopeful and less now considered themselves as poor in 2018.

"People’s high levels of hope and optimism have been complemented by high satisfaction, approval, trust ratings," Roque said.

The presidential spokesman also recalled the SWS and Pulse Asia survey suggesting that President Rodrigo Duterte is the most approved and most trusted official in Asia.

"Genuine and meaningful change has been felt by our people," Roque said.

Source: Philstar

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