PRRD on firing spree: High ranking official, cops on chopping block

Manila, Philippines – On Tuesday, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque announced that President Rodrigo Duterte is yet to fire government officials who got involved in illegal activities.

In a radio interview, Roque said that the President was about to fire an official on Sunday.

But said that he was able to convince the latter to delay the dismissal on January 3, so the employee could have a happy new year.

“Actually, I was supposed to announce the firing of someone... He wanted me to announce the firing. I told him let’s not do it, Mr. President. Let’s allow the official to have a happy New Year,” Roque shared through dzBB.

“Let’s just dismiss the official on Jan. 3,” he said, in which the details are expected to be discussed during the first Malacanang regular press briefing today, Wednesday.

Not only the highest ranking official, the President is also set to fire several cops accused of committing graft and corruption while in service.

"Aside from the high-ranking official, the president has already said that several policemen including colonels will be removed from office," Roque said.

While the spokesman did not disclose the highest official’s name yet, he reiterated that the president disliked those government officials and employees who are corrupt, those who often go on travel abroad using government funds.

“He hates the corrupt, those who frequently go on junkets. He already said that before that he closely watches government officials who are fond of joining trips abroad,” Roque said.

“Because when you attend junkets, you spend the people’s money that should have been used to address their needs. And aside from that, you lose time for your responsibilities in the government.” He added.

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