President Duterte to gov't officials: 'those who have traveled more than 12, you have to go'

President Duterte delivers his speech during Pantaleon Alvarez's birthday celebration in Tagum City, Davao / Photo from Inquirer (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – As the president’s anti-corruption ‘purge’ intensifies, he also warned government officials that they will be dismissed from service if they go on foreign trips more than 12 times.

However, it was not mentioned whether the frequency is per year or would start from the time they were appointed.

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that he was about to fire another high-ranking official, police generals and cops.

“They go out on every convocation, convention, powwow, seminar…it is that often. And for those who have traveled more than 12, you have to go,” the President said.

The president added that is not impressed with those who go on abroad, even if done in their official capacities.

“I just don’t have the respect for officers who often go on foreign trips,” he said in Filipino.

He even cited that some officials would even use the climate change forum as their excuse to go on trips abroad, but he is giving leeway to military men and police officers who needs to go out of the country for training purposes.

President Duterte is firm on criticizing government officials who have been using their positions citing is as another corrupt activity.

“Corruption is really prevalent, and I’m starting it with those guys who have been wasting money, going in and out of the country as if they owned the money and for nothing,” he said.

“There will be no stopping in the campaign against drugs and corruption,” he stressed.

“I am now the President. I will insist on corruption. It has to stop…I will fight the drug problem to the last day of my term. It will not stop,” the president said on Friday during the celebration of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez in Tagum city.

Source: Philstar

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