Political Analyst: No darkness shrouding PH, just 'political guts'

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Manila, Philippines – Retired political science professor at the University of the Philippines louds President Rodrigo Duterte’s own way of tracking foreign policy.

Clarita Carlos noted how the president moved the country away from the usual foreign policy and in turn, "defined national interest".

Carlos also added how the president has been taking care of the national interest which is to get more jobs for the Filipinos.

“He moved us away from the usual foreign policy where we are so linked to American politics. That means he had his own way of tracking our foreign policy and we are neither pro-China, pro-Russia or anti-this and that,” Carlos told the Philippine News Agency in a phone interview on Friday.

“We are really what is good for us, he defined our national interest and our national interest is to get all those eight million domestic workers home. That means to create jobs. That’s what he’s been doing since,” she added.

Carlos, who also serves as a consultant for Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol, said that despite what the critics say, she believed that President Duterte has been serious about “losing his seat as president.”

“He doesn’t mind if he loses his job. He keeps on saying that. He has the political guts. The commitment might be there but of if you don’t have the courage it’s nothing also,” Carlos said.

The retired professor also acknowledged that the administration’s reform was not all successful, but the president has only been in office for only more than a year.

“It will take some time, remember we are still one a half years’ time to this administration. There are many, many other things which we needed to change. Transport for one, there’s a lot to be done there,” Carlos also said.

“But let’s not be in a hurry because all these things which are ills of our society have been planted there for decades already,” she added.

Meanwhile, Carlos also saluted the President visit to India to attend the 2018 India-Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Commemorative Summit, which was another effort of the chief executive to push for an economic alliance.

“Where is he right now? In India and it seems like India, the US, Australia and Japan are trying to form a quad-alliance and that’s not a political or military alliance, that’s really an economic alliance and it’s best for us to link ourselves with this type of alliance since India will have the biggest population and that’s a huge market,” Carlos said.

 And as for the essence of democracy, and while all of us are entitled of our own opinion, she said that it was wrong to think that there is “darkness” surrounding the nation under the current administration.

"Maybe they’re entitled to their opinion. What can we do? I don’t think that is the case especially if you know what all the president’s cabinet members have been doing in their own respective departments,” Carlos noted.

“They have a right to say that. Whether they have a basis for saying so, I don’t think so,” she added, answering the recent remarks of Vice President Leni Robredo.

She also cited the SWS survey result for fourth quarter where in the president was able to regain his “excellent” trust rating, which means that the public sees how the chief executive is working hard for his beloved countrymen.

source: PNA

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