Philippines among the happiest, optimistic, hopeful countries in the world - American survey firm

Filipinos remain optimistic despite the challenges and tragedies that struck the country in 2017.

Philippines is still among the happiest nations in the world, based on a US-based poll survey.

Gallup International’s 41stYear End survey showed that Philippine’s is the third happiest countries in the world with a net survey of +84 percent.

The Gallup survey showed that Eight six of the Filipinos answered that they were happy in 2017, only two percent said that they were unhappy while 10 percent were neither happy or unhappy.
The respondents answered the question: “In general, do you personally feel very happy, happy, neither happy nor unhappy, unhappy or very unhappy about your life?”

Fiji remains happiest place according to Gallup with net score of +92 percent, followed by Colombia with net score of +87.

Earlier, the Philippines ranked 72nd among 155 nations in the World Happiness Report for 2017.

Meanwhile, On Tuesday, Malacañang welcomed the survey results of Gallup placing the Philippines as the third happiest country.

“We enter the new year with the good news that the Philippines is the third happiest country in the world, the fifth most optimistic about the country’s economic prosperity, and the ninth most optimistic about the prospects for 2018,” Spokesperson Harry Roque said in a statement.

“We Filipinos are known as a happy, resilient people. We even manage to smile amid difficulties. It is therefore not surprising that we rank high in the global happiness index,” he added.

The same survey also placed the country as the fifth most optimistic when it comes to economic outlook and ninth most hopeful for 2018.

source: Philstar, Inquirer

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