NHA investigates Kadamay after a member was caught allegedly selling his occupied house

Photo file from Philstar (ctto)

The National Housing Authority (NHA) is conducting an investigation after receiving a report that the government houses in Bulacan forcibly taken over by KADAMAY group has been illegally sold.

Last year, the urban group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY) has taken the low-cost government houses meant for the uniformed personnel.

President Rodrigo Duterte decided to give up the houses due to the increasing tension in Pandi in 2017, he then promised to build a much better housing for the security forces.

While recently, a member of the group was caught while allegedly selling the house that he occupied.
The buyer who recorded the transaction via mobile phone sent the copy to the NHA to verify the legalities of their trade.

Meanwhile, KADAMAY officials had denied the claim, saying that they were being set up and the unit being sold is not part of the units given to them.

According to Lea Maralit, the coordinator in Bulacan, the house in question is located at Padre Pio resettlement site in Barangay Cacarong Bata in the town of Pandi, and not part of the 5,262 houses given to them.

“It appeared a vacant unit was being offered because our members needed more homes. But we were told no sale had been perfected. What hurt was that Kadamay was being set up.” She said.

The alleged written contract made by a Kadamay member for the potential buyer / photo grabbed from Pinoy Trending

 Source: Inquirer

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