Military units to go all out vs. NPA after ceasefire has ended

photo grabbed from Philstar (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – Just right after the Yuletide truce, military units can now pursue hunting the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels who blatantly violated the ceasefire declaration by attacking government troops.

The NPA did not only attack military men but also some civilian communities.

In a statement, AFP spokesperson Col. Edgard Arevalo said that AFP will resume its operations and pursue the NPA members.

"The AFP will resume focused military operations after the SOMO (suspension of military operations) has lapsed. All ground units will pursue NPA members who violated their own ceasefire declaration by attacking government troops and harassing civilian communities," Arevalo said on Tuesday.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines implemented a unilateral ceasefire during the holiday season that started from 6pm of December 23 to 6pm of December 26, then 6pm of December 30 until January 2, 11:59pm.

Although the NPA did the same on ceasefire, some of its units, however, violated their own declaration when they attacked military units in Davao Oriental and in Campostela Valley.

Arevalo added that military force will resume pro-active combat measures nationwide to protect vulnerable and exposed communities from the threats and deception of the NPA rebels.

"Our non-combat efforts on assisting other line government agencies on infrastructure development and community health engagements will continue," Arevalo said

On two separate incidents on New Year’s Day, two improvised explosive device (IED) were set off by another terrorist group, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) which prompted the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to conduct man hunt against the said IS-inspired terrorist.

The bombing resulted to death of a police officer and injured other troops.

source: PNA

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