Justice claims Sereno threatened to end his career over a courtesy call plan with Pres. Duterte

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Supreme Court Associate Justice Andres Reyes, Jr. claimed that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has threatened him to end his career for helping the current administration to oust her from position.

According to Reyes, Sereno threatened him for planning a courtesy call on President Rodrigo Duterte.

Reyes made the testimony on Monday during the hearing on the impeachment complaint trial against the chief justice facilitated by the House Committee on Justice.

He shared the experience when he was still the presiding justice of the Court of Appeals and he and his colleagues were planning to pay a courtesy call on the president to tackle important issues. Reyes confronted Sereno but was warned that his move would have a huge consequence and might be the end of his career. 

“She said this might be the end of your career. She told me that the President was too talkative and that we (those who are paying him courtesy) won’t be able to say our piece anymore,” Reyes said addressing the lawmakers.

“She said that my letter [seeking a courtesy call with the President]was insulting to her because I made it appear as if the Supreme Court is doing nothing to address the concerns of the judiciary. She said I bypassed her by [planning to]taking up matters with the President. I apologized to her for my letter,” Reyes also said.

According to Reyes, Sereno even made him write an explanation letter as to why he was seeking for a courtesy call with the president. Aside from that, he was also asked to write a letter of apology. 

He then decided to cancel the request for a meeting, and just ignored Sereno’s request.

Reyes on the other hand clarified that he was not harboring any ill feelings toward the Chief Justice.

“I have already forgiven her for her utterances,” Reyes said.

Source: Manila Times

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