Duterte: No more to lowest bidders, warns contractors to finish their jobs immediately or else, they will be replaced

Photo from the PCOO

Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has once again warned the contractors who are currently undertaking projects of the government.

The president told them to finish their commitment 30 days or they have face cancellation of their contracts and their replacements.

This announcement from the Chief Executive came after his three-day trip to India, early Saturday in Davao City.

An irate President addressed the erring contractors, tired of the slow pace and low quality of jobs in some government projects.

“I give you 30 days, or I will give it to another contractor. Either your contract is cancelled or somebody else (will undertake it,” he said.

President Duterte also reiterated the disadvantage of the culture in the process government bidding where the lowest bidder gets the project.

“henceforth, all projects in the Philippine will be (bidded out through) Swiss challenge.” The president announced.

A Swill challenge is a form of public procurement in some jurisdictions which requires a public authorization (usually an agency of the government) which has received an unsolicited bid for a project and invites third parties to match or exceed it.

“I want buildings, highways, railroads built. I will show you open space for everybody. And if you do it correctly, I will pay you in 15 days in accordance with what was required by government,” President Duterte said.

He also noted that he plans to convince the Congress, the Supreme Court and Commission on Audit (COA) that lowest that lowest bid is drugging the country to corruption.

“Walang pahinga ang bayan diyan” President Duterte said.

He also bared that there are syndicates waiting for bid invites and exclude other competent and honest bidders.

“There are (syndicates) with four or five pretending to be contractors,” he said, adding that these bidders are actually conniving with each other as they try to drive down the bid and keep the legitimate contractor from winning over the government project.

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