CPP-NPA's ill will and motive, calls Duterte's cash, housing offer a hogwash

“No thanks!” is the reply of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army, to the President’s generous offer to all rebels would surrender to government.

A statement came to the press from CPP-NPA after President Rodrigo Duterte offered livelihood and housing to Red fighters who are willing to lay down their arms.

 “Duterte’s call for NPA members to surrender, in exchange for cash, housing and jobs, is pure hogwash,” the NPA said.

The statement denotes malice and bad faith that CPP-NPA has shown since President Duterte assumed his post.

Over the weekend, the Chief Executive assured the new surrenderes of protection and assistance to start a new life. Each of them was given a housing unit, financial assistance, food packs and also a smartphone.

“The Chief Executive pledged that NPA surrenderees would be welcomed and accepted; assured the rebel returnees of the government’s protection and assistance as they begin to immerse [themselves]in the civilian way of life.” Malacañang said.

Unlike the CPP-NPA’s leadership who can’t honor agreements, who show treachery during the peace negotiations by attacking government forces, including a presidential convoy, and during a ceasefire, the president, on his promise however, was sincere.

That statement from the rebel groups is actually a low propaganda. It disrespects the achievement of the brave men and women soldiers, particularly, those who fought in Marawi siege.

“Red fighters are not like AFP soldiers,” the CPP-NPA group said. 

“They are not enticed to join the armed struggle through promises of high salaries, sex with starlets and bright new toys. They do not seek constant flattery for what they do, which is to serve the people selflessly and with humility.” It added.

Not only disrespectful, but also full of hypocrisy – looking at how CPP’s exiled founder Joma Sison lived his life, who was even photographed with sexy girls and startlet at his side.

Red fighters would be better with Duterte’s promise of protection, and livelihood assistance aside from the free housing program, than to live in a false ideology and get separated from their families.

Source: Manila Times

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