Clan wars test Duterte's martial law in Mindanao, AFP and PNP to join forces for a "focused operation" against the warring members

Some high-powered guns seized from warring clans in Mindanao / photo by AFP grabbed via Inquirer

A clan war in Lanao del Sur wounded four people bringing President Rodgro Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao to a test.

Part of martial law is to ban carrying of firearms except for the law enforcers on duty.

According to an investigation conducted on family feud in town of Bacolod-Kalawi includes a possibility of police involvement.

Chief of Police of the ARMM, Chief Supt. Graciano Mijares said that cases might be charged against the involved policemen who either harbored gunmen from the fighting clans or were involved in the fighting themselves.

As part of the action plans, Mijares said in a phone interview that searches to track down firearms would be conducted on houses of the involved parties.

Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)police chief said that Lanao del Sur police unit were given directive to coordinate with the military for a “focused operation” against the family members of the warring clans.

Meanwhile, Col. Romeo Brawner Jr. deputy chief of the anticrime Joint Task Force Ranao, said that both the military and police seized high-powered firearms and ammunition during their follow up operations.

Westmincom Commander, Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr., disclosed that the confiscated firearms were recently fired, as shown on the inspection. He added that prints from the guns were still being traced.

“Henceforth, this will be our template… the warring parties will be immediately disarmed and charged,” Galvez said.

The military had seized nine firearms believed to be owned by the warring clans which includes three M-14 assault rifles, three M-16 assault rifles, two M-653 assault rifles, one .22 caliber rifle, bullets and magazines.

Source: Inquirer

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