P112 M hidden illegal drugs from the Parojinogs, seized!

Manila, Philippines – The Ozamis city policemen seized a total of P112 million worth of illegal drugs that are believed to have been hidden by Parojinog family.

The said drugs were believed to have been hidden after the patriarch of the family, Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog was killed.

Police Inspector Jovie Espenido said that the said illegal drugs were “old” and brought out now that the family needs money.

“That was an old supply. When I went to Ozamiz, they hid it. They only brought it out now that they are looking for money considering their father is dead,” said Ins. Parojinog in a radio interview.

A P32 million worth of drugs were confiscated from three suspects linked to the Parojinog clan on the first raid on Tuesday.

Inspector Espenido who led the raids, identified the suspects as Butch Merino, Melden Rabanes (the first cousin of Vice Mayor Nova parojinog), and Roselyn Walohan.

A firearm and magazines were also confiscated from Merino.

Meanwhile, in a follow through operation, 10 kilos of shabu worth of P80 million were seized from suspects namely; Melodina and Gaudencio Malingin, and Michelle Gumapac.

On July 30, 2017, Mayor Reynaldo Parojino and his wife Susan, and 14 others were killed in an anti-drug operation led by Inspector Jovie Espenido. The suspects reportedly fired at the police while about to serve the warrants.

Mayor Parojinog’s daughter, and vice mayor of Ozamis was captured and detained together with her brother, Reynaldo Parojinog Jr.

This achievement of PNP came after President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Memorandum last December 5, allowing the Philippine National Police (PNP) to reenter the war against illegal drugs with Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency on the lead.

 Source: Manila Times 

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