Militant groups prepare for "people's war" against Duterte - Joma Sison

Military troops cutting the firearms recovered in Marawi city into small pieces / Photo from Manila Standard

Manila, Philippines – Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison told the militant groups to prepare for a “people’s war” against the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Following the extension of martial law in Mindanao region for one year, Sison said that the president will eventually put the rebels as "main target" under the pretense of nationwide martial law.

MalacaƱang, on the other hand, assured the public that the Philippines will never suffer dictatorship under president Duterte and the country will not be put on nationwide martial law.

Sison cited that the president will eventually “surpass” the level of Marcos’s dictatorship as he warned that the “gross and systematic” human rights violation in Mindanao would certainly rise up after President Duterte targets the rebels mainly.

The CPP founder pointed out that “people’s war” is the answer to martial law extension.

“As in the time of Marcos, the battle cry of the revolutionaries today is: People’s war is the answer to martial law!” Sison said.

Meanwhile, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque countered that government and the military have not abused their powers since martial law was first declared in May to fight off terrorist in Marawi city.

Roque said that President Duterte’s martial is different from late Ferdinand Marcos’s ruling.

“This is not the same martial law that we had in 1972. Courts remain functioning, Congress remains existing, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is enforced,” Roque said in a news briefing.

So, I don’t think there’s been any legal basis for the fears of many that there will be the return of dictatorial rule. Neither has there been any systematic or gross violations of human rights so far,” he said.

The Department of National Defense will give monthly update to the House and the Senate on carrying out martial law extension in Mindanao.

 Source: Manila Standard

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  1. Go home mr. joma siso and face Duterte face to face, baril sa baril.

  2. bring it on,people's war npa terrorist only,,we the true filipino people will crushed you to the ground,,a time to vindicate your ill deeds in the past we suffer.

  3. Hoooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyy Joma Sison, magpakalalake ka naman at di puro putatsing na Pinay ang kasama mo diyan at palamunin ka na ng taong bayan for so long, be a man kung meron ka pang bayag at burat ! ahahahahahah hinahamon ka ni Digong barilan kayo. O ano ang say mo unggoy ? I say again, ano ang say mo Unggoy.