Army launches manhunt for fleeing NPA rebels after robbing residents in Northern Samar

Photo grabbed from Sputnik news (ctto)

Manila, Philippines – After a group of fully armed men, suspected to be members of communist rebels robbed residents in Las Navas, Northern Samar, the army has launch a manhunt.

Around 40 armed men arrived last December 10 at 5 in the morning, in Barangay Bugay which is 3 km from the town proper.

Brig. Gen. Mario Lacurom, the commander of 803rd Infantry brigade in Las Navas, confirmed that soldiers from the 20th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army are now on manhunt operations to capture the fleeing rebels.

Reports said that these members of New People’s Army (NPA) also raided a staff house owned by RAC Cola Construction and Development Inc.

The rebels also took money and mobile phones of the workers who were assigned to work on constructing a national road that would connect the second district of Northern Samar to Samar capital.

Brig. Gen. Lacurom said that the NPA rebels were led by Jim Jepollo Ciriaco Jakusalem and Marietta Bartolo from Metro 1 Sub-Regional Command Emporium of CPP/NPA.

He said that rebels also took away foodstuff from the residents while they are having their barangay Christmas party.

According to Senior Insp. Rolando Relente of the Las Navas Municipal Police, the rebels allegedly fired their guns and were angry at the residents for not paying their revolutionary taxes to the New People’s Army.

A farmer, Delmar Pinca told the Municipal police that his homemade firearm was even taken by the rebels.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the attack.

Residents said that rebels left shouting, “Mabuhay ang komunista” (long live the communist).

Meanwhile, the Armed forces of the Philippines are now preparing to file legal charges against these NPA rebels.

The soldiers, on the other hand, assured the residents of their support to maintain security and peace of the area.

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