Aquino and his admin may have condemned thousands of Filipino children, not only to dengue but also to Zika virus

Former Pres. Aquino with Garin and Purisima, in a meeting with Sanofi executives / Inset is the long term consequences / Photo from Manila Times (ctto)

Veteran journalist, Rigoberto Tiglao hits former President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino over Dengvaxia vaccine.

Aquino ordered his staff to administer mass vaccination three months before he left the office and has allegedly put the 830, 000 children at risk, to contract potentially severe case of dengue.

In Tiglao’s report, he said that, these Filipino children were not only exposed to severe dengue case but to Zika fever as well.

Tiglao highlighted the research made by Dr. Scott Halstead, a specialist and leading figure in terms of dengue research for 5o years. He lambasted Sanofi over the vaccine which only enhances dengue.

“Other researchers on the other hand had raised warnings that because of the genetic similarity of dengue with the Zika virus, Dengvaxia may also make such vaccinated persons prone to contracting the Zika disease.” Tiglao wrote.

“While causing only mild symptoms, Zika could be transferred by a pregnant woman to her baby, resulting in brain malformations (such as abnormal smallness) and other birth defects. While Dengvaxia has been administered mostly to 830,000 fourth-grade children, any one of these children contracting Zika may infect adult women through certain types of mosquitos, not just the Aedes Aegypti that transmits dengue and Zika.” He explained.

Tiglao noted that former admin also put the future generation of Filipinos at risk of having brain malformations and some birth defects.

He added that these warnings were issued by experts on the disease and by the World Health Organization (WTO) sometime in 2015 and in early 2016.

Knowing these side effects of Dengvaxia, Aquino inexplicably ordered four major departments under his administration – health, budget, education and DILG to purchase the vaccine.

 Source: Manila Times


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