4 delinquent firms, not paying taxes named

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One of the campaigns of President Duterte’s administration is to go after tax evaders.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) filed separate tax evasion case before the Department of Justice (DOJ) to four companies for allegedly not paying taxes amounting to Php52 million.

In a statement, BIR said these four firms; Abatech Corporation, Amberbase Solutions Philippines, Corporation, Ira General and Security Services, Inc., and Worklinks General Services, Co. 
deliberately failed to pay its taxes in conformance to the National Revenue Code of 1997.

According to Tax Code, total amount of tax imposed and prescribed to companies shall be paid on the date advised, failure to do so, might be subject to applicable penalties prescribed.

The respondents include the company presidents and their corporate officers; Abatech Rogelio Abalos, Amberbase president Jaime Aquino, Ira General president Tranquilino Aglugub, and Worklinks president Victoria Adrias.

Reports said that Ira General had the largest tax deficiency amounting to Php28.66 million for tax payable year 2000. Next in line is Amberbase with lacking of Php16.48 million for the tax payable year 2008.

Meanwhile, Worklinks and Abatech has to settle tax deficiencies of PHP4.3 million in 2010 and PHP2.64 million in 2008.

BIR cited that these four companies were repeatedly notified to pay their respective taxes before its due date.
Around September of this year, BIR has exceeded its tax collections target for the first time in nine months.
BIR said that tax collections in September rose to 24.51 percent compared to the same period in 2016.
Collections in September amounted to P 1.306 trillion, up 11.15 percent from P1.175 trillion last year.

One of BIR’s biggest tax collection was from Mighty Corp which amounted P12.1 billion, also in the same month

Source: PTV

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