The President to fire employees next week who went on unathorized trips

On Saturday, November 18, President Rodrigo Duterte has announced that he would order the dismissal of all public officials who went on unauthorized trips using the government funds.

President Duterte said that he would dismiss the erring government officials next week.

He made the announcement during a speech in Davao City.

“A number of them are lined up to be fired. Those who went out of the country to waste the money without permission of the authorities, in this case, the President, they have to go,” President Duterte said.

He, however, promised that fired employee names will not be announced in public “make public my dismissals para naman… to spare them of the humiliation.” He said.

“Huhubaran talaga kita. Iyan ang sakit ko. Pahiyain kita. So when I say to you, you resign, go out silently. Para walang…less bloody para sa atin,” he said.

“For those guys who have been using money of the government just easily going in and out or travel upon the invitation of…maski sino na mga seminar, seminar. I have to ask them to resign if at all, kung gusto ko man. Kakaunti lang ang those important meetings,” the president also said.

The president has been very vocal in his stand to fight corruption in government offices. He reiterated several times that he would “undress” the officials who would commit corruption, if needed.

He even fired several appointees or employees who were accused of corruption in the past, even those who are known to be close to him.

Source:  GMA News

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  1. Taong bayan po ang kakampi nyo,pangako noon ng taong bayan na hindi ka iiwan,laging nasa likod nyo lang sila,wala po kayong utang maski kanino man,nagpapasalamat kami dahil pumayag kang maging presidente,alam namin na mahirap maging presidente,lalo na ang pinakamahirap na nakaatang sa inyo yung paglilinis ng ating bansa na pinabayaan ng mga nagdaang presidente,bibigyan kayo ng dios ng mahabang buhay,wala pong iwaanan at wag po sana kayong manawa sa paglilingkod nyo sa amin,mahal ka namin Tatay Digong.

  2. That would be great it Mr. PRESIDENT

  3. kayo lang ang makakagawa niyan mayor. sige ubusin nyo na sila

  4. Dito ako sa UK, I hope yo dothat Mr President. Sana yung alam namin mapasama na ma fire out. A few government officials was here a few months ago and were at the Philippine Embassy, Our Chairperson was there representing the UKDDS. She made a video of the meeting, nothing came out of it and until now we were wondering what was it all about. Seems like the meeting was all for their own interests. We want you to know all about this...

  5. finish those corrupt officials mr. president. after your term ubos na yan lahat. that's for sure.