Senator Poe blames the Aquino adminstration for MRT griefs

Manila, Philippines -  Senator Grace Poe though prods the Department of Transportation (DoTr), she is pointing the blame to Aquino administration for the current worsening situation of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) system.

With the recent accident involving an MRT commuter, Poe warned against the “structural and technical time bombs” which has been the long-unattended core problem of the rail system. 

With that, Poe said that continuous use of MRT will put the daily commuters at risk.

“While many of the woes began with the past administration, the current problems are now in the hands of the DOTr,” she said. 

“If they are earnest and sincere in addressing these problems, then they should work faster,” Poe added.

On Tuesday, a commuter named Angeline Fernando, 24, fainted when alighting the train. She then fell on the railway tracks while her arm was caught between the first and second train cars.

She was thankfully attended by a good Samaritan medicine practitioner, given first aid and brought to the hospital. Her arm was successfully reconnected to her body, as confirmed by Transportation Undersecretary Cesar Chavez.

Just two days after, another mishap happened as a coach of MRT detached from the train’s body.  Over 100 passengers were unloaded and forced to walk to the next station.

MRT operations director Michael Capati said that determining the root of the problem might take some time.

According to Poe, who also chairs the Senate Committee on Public Service, the DoTr should focus on the overall safety of MRT.

“But, right now, the DOTr should focus on the overall safety of the MRT, which could impact a larger number of people in case a serious technical glitch strikes,” Poe said, pointing out that signaling system is a basic component.

She cited that this basic signaling system is “incompatible with the Dalian [China] trains purchased by the previous administration.”

Source: Business Mirror

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