QCPD inspects bars in Katipunan near schools, told netizens not to panic as it was part of standard procedure

Manila, Philippines – Recently, the Quezon City Police conducts inspections on bars in some parts of the city that has many school campuses.

The Quezon City Police District director said on Thursday that this should not raise an alarm as these are legal and part of a campaign in which cops should check on bars that sell liquors, the PNP called it Oplan Bakal.

“It’s part of our crime prevention measures,” QCPD director Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar told Philstar.com

“Minsan hindi kasi sapat ‘yung pagche-check ng security guards so may nakakalusot na contraband.” He added.

This clarification statement from the QCPD was made after several netizens expressed their concern over a photo of cops “randomly” inspecting bags in some establishments along the Katipunan Avenue to check for any firearms and illegal drugs.

It was also cleared by Eleazar that they coordinate with the bar owners and at times, owners would call on them to conduct search.

“Nakikipag-coordinate kami sa establishments, hindi kami basta basta pumasok. Minsan, yung owners pa ‘yung tumatawag sa amin to do inspections,” the director said.

He also added that searches were done by uniformed personnel and was done it coordination with the barangay government.

 The said campuses along Katipunan includes mainly the Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, and the University of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police also explained through the “Knowyour rights” handbook that patrons can refuse a search and a face-to-face contact with them does not mean that the citizen is being suspected of crime.

The police should also introduce themselves first and explain their purpose. Any contact should be made in a courteous manner, avoid commanding tones and are expected to keep contact as brief as possible.

They are also not allowed to frisk or detain citizen, the same goes that they cannot coerce someone to answer questions or keep them from leaving.

Furthermore, the QCPD director instilled that these random inspections in nightclubs and bars were not related with the government’s intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

Source: Philstar

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