On pornography, poverty and drugs in the Philippines

By. Dra. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

I’ve just come from the premiere showing of “Children of the Webcam”- a film made by Belgian filmmaker Jaco Groen. A documentary about online child porn trade in the Philippines and the successful arrest of heads of sex dens in QC and Iligan.

Online child porn is a lucrative business the world over.

And according to UNICEF, the Philippines is the global epicenter of live-stream sexual abuse trade of children globally and the number one supplier of children to the world’s dirt bags and scum.

Yup. That’s how shitty we are as a society. And how terribly we have failed our children.

And if it is true that a society’s civility is measured by how well it takes care of its children, then, I am sorry to say we are utter savages. Come sit with me and weep.
I have a point to make so let me stand up from that curb and make that point already. (We can continue weeping later.)

In this movie, I see kids showing their private parts to grown men wherever these shits gather in some dark corner of the world the way cockroaches congregate in sewers. And this quickly escalates to live sex shows–rape in some cases — of minors– some as young as 5 years old.

And then there are the eventual meet ups with Americans and Europeans traveling all the way here to fuck 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17 year old girls and boys– and often a handful of them at the same time. And I had to endure listening to drunk 12 year old girls say there was no kissing involved. Just “fuck immediately” or “fuck and suck only”.

And who should be their pimps but their own parents and uncles or friendly neighbors. And it’s not garden-variety sex with these scum of the earth, as you might have deduced. A lot of these involve beating up kids and rape.

The common denominator in all these? Poverty.

Another common denominator? Drugs.

Those pimps and those perverts who feast like vultures on our children –well, a lot of them are heavily into drugs.

So any old time you guys think this President obsesses over this drug problem needlessly and any old time you think this war on drugs is a figment of his imagination (despite the over a million surrenders) and you’d like him to ease up on his relentless drive to purge us of this scourge, I suggest you take a deep breath and tell me where it is you stand when it comes to protecting our children.

I am not a judgemental person but here, I’d like to know how it is I am going to judge you.

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