Department of Agrrian Reformto give out lands to beneficiaries

Manila, Philippines – In year 2018, the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) aims to distribute 538, 841 hectares of land for more than 46 thousand agrarian reform beneficiaries.

According to DAR Secretary Rosalina Bistoyong, the agency will work to provide sufficient support to our farmers.

This will also help the country further develop in terms of agriculture sector. 

On Monday, the department’s proposed P10.27 billion budget for 2018 has been approved by Senate. The said allocation includes a P1.59 billion for general administration and support, it also includes the P693.4 million for support the agency’s operations, such as policy formulation, planning, monitoring and agrarian reform information and education.

Bistoyong also mentioned that DAR was able to distribute P4.74 million hectares to P 2.8-million for agrarian reform beneficiaries since 1972 to March 2017.

“This year, DAR targets to distribute a total of 48,588 hectares to 46,253 agrarian reform beneficiaries. From January to June 2017, DAR has already covered a total of 11,356 hectares,” says Bistoyong 

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